Revelation 3:2 Awake and strengthen what remains

Caring for Caregivers


Congratulations to Jill Dahmen and Griffin Dahmen as the 2015 Minnesota Caregiver and Care Receiver of the Year 

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The Fears and Stresses of Caregiving in Health Crises
Hope, peace of mind and Quality of Life

MajorHope  in Action

Our mission is to put the human spirit back into the caregiver protocol, thus building hope and peace of mind.  All of our society's systems, i.e. education, financial, healthcare, communications and technology have become structured protocols.

Protocols take the human element out of the equation.  Humans are unpredictable and unique, therefore difficult to treat or fix.  As professionals, if we take the human element out, we take away uniqueness and unpredictability.  Thus it is perceived that we can be "quicker and safer" thus reducing costs.

But what has evolved from this protocol thinking is that as individuals are thrust into the health systems, people have become disconnected from the very elements that strengthen their human will during their crisis...their individuality, unique connectedness to others, and most importantly, to their own personal stories.

Time-Normal healthy people don't have it, therefore stressed, sick, overwhelmed victims of illness certainly don't have it.  We know it, because we lived it, just like you. Time is valuable.

Our goal is to SAVE you time.  But you must provide us a small window of time in which to begin helping you. Our offerings of advice and practical assistance will be implemented well enough so that it will make you the caregiver's life, more efficient. TAKE TIME to MAKE TIME.

Ultimately, this will buy you more time to focus on your "whole self- your spiritual, financial, mental, physical and emotional well-being." 

Click on the Read More button and take a few moments to assess how well you have done "end of life planning."  The irony is that of the 48 tasks, 35 of them should be done when you are still healthy.

Our Mission

Our Programs

We Care...

because we have been where you are. We want to help you.

We've experienced these crises, stresses and pain ourselves.

We don't want you to feel the same pain we felt in capacity and intensity that we felt.

It is estimated that one in five Americans are, were, will be, or will be in need of, a caregiver in the next 10-15 years.  MajorHOPE knows there aren't enough caregivers, especially those specialized in Christian Caregiving to meet the trend.

 We have been there. We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, stressed out and alone. We have devoted our resources to passionately serve, appreciate, and be a voice for you, the caregiver; especially those with full time jobs and providing care for a loved one.  Check out the list below to learn more about specific programs we offer.

Perhaps you don't even think of yourself as a caregiver, but you are. And we are here to help you. Join us as a member of Caregiver Strong 2014.  There is no fee to be a member.

The Caregiver Role and You