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the distress and hopelessness that poor health creates
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While many churches have care ministries and support groups, MajorHOPE provides speakers, teachers and facilitators for them as well as in helping launch new ministry groups.

MajorHOPE has individuals and organizations who work with existing and start-up care ministries and partners with them to reach those in need who have no where else to go.

As more and more baby-boomers age and life expectancy increases, the need to reach those in need grows and the capacity for the health care industry to meet those needs intensifies.

Ultimately families and the community have to step up to fill the capacity gap. Many faith-based organizations are partnering with local, state and federal agencies to educate, support and provide care. MajorHOPE is a pioneer in the Christian faith-based caregiver education platform.

MajorHOPE offers  programs for marketplace ministries to be ambassadors for Christ.

*A volunteer caregiver training program on spiritual care in a small group or workshop.

*A non-medical professional caregiver training program on spiritual care in a small group or workshop.

*Coaching and mentoring on a small group or individual basis.

* Corporate Christian Employee Network Training

* Non-Profit & Agency Training

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by partnering with likeminded ministries, missionaries and organizations who also provide Christ-centered spiritual care

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