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All new initiatives have risk. MajorHOPE understands the risks of public misperception, political correctness and a society growing skeptical when it comes to spiritual care, especially Christian care.

There is fear, awkwardness, and an unwillingness to discuss money, death, faith and health in the context of true understanding and restoration for the care receiver for a trusting relationship. Competence and character build trust. 

MajorHOPE seeks to build that trust through programs that motivate and encourage families to do the best right thing for the person in a health crisis.

Teaching and coaching are time-proven effective approaches to motivate and encourage.  Caregivers have unique learning styles they prefer, especially during changing conditions.

MajorHOPE provides flexible group and individual training platforms and we customize our program to effective achieve your expectations.

It is proven that stress creates or exacerbates health problems.  Caregivers understand the stress levels that accompany the care and support of a family member.  But often there is no one to understand and help the caregiver deal with their own personal stress.

MajorHOPE provides stress-reduction methods as well as tools for you to manage the stress both in your personal life and also for those who are fully employed and have workplace stress.

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