the struggles of understanding why God allows crises to happen
your faith, hope and purpose in the  midst of this crisis

WE BELIEVE in the scripture of the Old and New Testaments as verbally inspired by God, and inerrant in the original writings, and that they are of supreme and final authority in faith and life.

The 6R Model for Transformational Learning and Leadership focuses on these virtues:

1. Relationships (Christ above all; love & trust)

2. Roles in the relationships

3. Responsibilities within the roles.

4. Resources to enable the first 3 Rs to succeed.

5. Results of conducting the first 4 Rs

6.  Resilience is "bouncing back from setbacks"

MajorHOPE's Complete Statement of Faith


mission, vision & Goals

We believe... therefore we act on our:

Statement of Faith








 Our mission is to glorify God and advancing His kingdom.  MajorHOPE does this by providing caregivers a platform to be prepared for a health crisis, repair the quality of life of their loved ones and to be appreciated and recognized by the community for their sacrificial labor of love.

Our vision is to create a closely knit network of volunteers and professionals who work together to care for those in need by applying the teachings of Christ.

We have four goals:

1. To provide and support caregivers with training, tools and practical steps to help them meet the needs of their loved ones during transition times.

2. To build trusting relationships with training and support beyond their expectations as families adapt to new ways  of living with carereceivers.

3. To promote caregiver awareness in communities through recognition and appreciation events.

4. To SAVE you time. But you must provide us a small window of time in which to begin helping you. Our offerings of advice and practical assistance will be implemented well enough so that it will make you the caregiver's life, more efficient.  

where God is in Your crisis



WE BELIEVE in the virtues of resilience, perseverance, truth, grace, mercy, integrity, forgiveness and the power of repentance in a believer’s life.

We believe change is perpetual with various intensities and transitions into new situations and out of old situations are facts of life. 

We specialize in change management by actively listening to the family members and providing short-term and long-term solutions to reduce stress and creating an acceptable "new normal" for quality of life,

The MajorHOPE Principles (click to view)

statement of faith