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"Save Lives; Save Souls"

awkwardness, fears and feelings of inadequacies
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Trust is important in caregiving and receiving. The most effective way to earn trust is to love another person enough to take care of them when they go through a hardship.

Our Father in heaven taught us to love.  Jesus commanded us to love the father above everything else, but He didn't stop there.  He commanded us to love each other. 

It is easy to love God when everything is going our way.  It's easy to love others when we enjoy each other and experience the seasons of life together when we are blessed abundantly.

Love is sacrificial, unselfish, and humbling especially when life brings seasons of pain and suffering.  It is difficult.  But that is why we need God.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can understand our loved ones in pain, help them overcome the difficulties and help them restore their quality of life.

"Prepare and repair" is our goal when teaching caregivers and care receivers to understand, overcome and restore life during and after a crisis.

MajorHOPE stresses education as the primary tool for caregivers to become prepared to handle the stresses, humbling tasks and conditions the care receiver has to endure as they adapt to new ways of living.

The bible has many verses about teaching and how we should respond as teachers and as students. There are many forms of education.  1-1 mentoring, coaching, classroom, online, self-directed, group workshops and conference calls.  MajorHOPE utilizes all of them so we can meet your needs, time frame and preferred style of learning.

MajorHOPE launched their first Minnesota Caregiver Appreciation Day in November 2013 at the Mall of America.  Over 20 organizations participated in a day of music, exhibits, awards, presentations and children's activities.

Five recipients received monetary awards after being nominated by care receivers, family members and colleagues.

The White Dove Foundation sponsored the event and in 2014-2016. is a 501 c 3 established in 2017. It conducted the 2017 and will conduct the 2018 MN Caregiver Appreciation Event. will conduct additional caregiver appreciation events while teaching organizations, community groups and churches how to plan and implement their own caregiver appreciation events.

Our goal is simply to acknowledge those who sacrifice their time, energy, financial resources and in some cases their jobs to care for others.



We Care... 

thus we share our beliefs with caregivers and care receivers who seek to be understood, gain peace of mind, and experience healing.

That is our major hope for you, that you transition well.

caregiving are acts of love